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What is important in a constitutive capital reduction?

Creditor call (3 times)

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What says the debt capacity?

The idea is to assess, how much debt is bearable for a borrower.

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When is a loan considered a non-performing loan?

- 90 days unpaid interest

- 90 days overdue amortization

- 90 days credit overdraft

- breaking of financial covenants

- granting special conditions

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What are the liability risks (Haftungsrisiken) for a bank?

- Taking of equity stake

- role as restructuring consultant

- definition of turnaround concept

- retardation (Verzögerung) of bankruptcy

- engravement of solvency situation

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What are the main features of a restructuring loan?

- Special purpose

- Closeness to the borrower

- only against collaterals

- covenant

- no 3rd party is willing to grant a loan under these circumstances

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What is a debt equity swap?

- Liabilities are transfered into equity

- Economically, the debt position is reduced new equity is created

- From a legal perspective: Debt equity swap capital increase with contribution in kind (Sacheinlage)

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Why is the debt equity swap a very controversial topic?

For a contribution in kind, there has to be a valid service in return; if not this constitutes a fraudulent share issue (betrügerische Aktienausgabe)

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Which three valuation principles are available?

- cost

- lower of cost and market