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Welche Modellier Systempersketiven gibt es, nenne 4

  • External: Context or environment of the System
  • Structural: Organization of a System or Structure of the processed data
  • Interaction: System - -Environment or Component -- Component
  • Behavioral: Dynamic behavior of the System, Responds to events
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UML elements can be put into 4 categories:

  • Structural (class, object, use case, ..)
  • Annotational (note)
  • Grouping (package, modul, ..)
  • Behavioral (activity, state, ..)
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Where can UML note be used?
In any UML diagram
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5 Diagrams for static aspects (Structural)

  • Class D.
  • Object D.
  • Package D.
  • Component D.
  • Deployment D.
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4 Diagrams for dynamic aspects (Behaivoral)

  • Use Case D.
  • Activity D.
  • State D.
  • Sequence D.
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What does the UML Collaboration Notation show?

  • Classes, Interfaces and other UML elementw which together realize a higher level task or abstraction.-
  • Only conceptual not physikal
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EP: What are Context models for?

  • Illustrate the operational context
    • what is outside the System boundaries 
    • definition of "out of Scope" on system level
    • is based on user and system requirements
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EP: What are Architectural Models for?
- Show the system and ist relationship with oder systems