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what is the expected relationship between long run and short run demand?

price rise
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 what is a measure of the responsiveness of demand to changes in income?

income elasticity of demand
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what is a measure to response of the quantity of one good demanded to a change in the proce of another good?

cross price elasticity demand
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what is measure to response of labour supplied to a change in the price of labour?

elasticity of labour supply
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what is the measure of the respone of quantity of a good supplied to a change in price of that good?

elasticity of supplies
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in output markets the elasticity of supply is likely to be...?

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name the three household choices

how much of each product or output to demand?

how much labour to supply?

how much to spend today and how much to save for the future?

got 'em all!

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what is "the limits on household choices by income, wealth and product prices" called?

budget constraint
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what is a set of options that is defined and limited by a budget constraint?

opportunity set
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when the price of a good decreases, the budget constraint swivels to the...

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when the budget constraint swivels to the right, it means that there are more...?

opportunities and choice
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what is :"additional satisfaction gained by the consumption or use of one more unit"?

marginal utility
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what is : "total amount of satisfaction obtained from consumption of a good or service"?

total utility
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what is :"the more of any good consumed in a given period, the less satisfaction/utility generated by consuming each additional/marginal unit of the same good"?

law of diminishing marginal utility
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total utility stops rising when maringal utility is

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which 2 groups of goods are there?

goods for consumption and goods for production
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which is not a feature of scarce goods?


has a price

can be found nearly unlimitedly

price gives information about degree of scarcity

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what two kinds of price are there?

absolut and real
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which price type is mostly used in economics?

real prices
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real prices are...?

the market price at the moment

adjusted for inflation

adjusted for interests

including taxes

net prices

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How do you measure real prices?




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what is a perfectly competitive market?

many buyers and sellers, no single entity has influence on the price
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what is a monopoly or oligopoly?

few producers many buyers
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what is a noncompetitive market?

producerse jointly influence price
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what is the extent of a market?

geographical and product range produced and sold
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which two reasons are important for market definition

find actual and potential customers and public policy
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what can happen in not perfectly competitive markets?

providers can charge different prices for the same products
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what helps customers to decide on a product in a not perfectly competitive market?

brand loyalty, or offers
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wrong or right? " Market prices fluctuate over time?"



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MICRO OR MACRO? Production output in individual businesses or industries