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Guests may order the the grilled salmon in a _____ or _____ portion

lunch, dinner

The lunch portion of the grilled salmon is __ ounces and the dinner portion is __ ounces

5, 8

Guests may order the salmon ______ (seasoned with _____ _____), ______, or ______ glazed. It comes with 2 sides and is served on top of seasoned ______

grilled, cheddars seasoning, blackened, bourbon, rice

The grilled salmon is garnished with _____ and a ____ _____

parsley, lemon wedge

The catfish filets come in either a ____ or a ____ portion

lunch, dinner

The lunch catfish filets comes with __ pieces and the dinner portion comes with __ pieces. Both portions are served with 2 sides

3, 5

The catfish filets can be ordered with ____ ____ or ______ seasoning, served on a seasoned _____ and ______ in buttermilk and cornmeal. 

lemon pepper, blackening, rice, fried

Catfish filets are garnished with _____ and a ____ ____

parsley, lemon wedge