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Fill in the missing word within the below shown "fly by wire" philosophy.

Auto Pilot or Pilot command/order - Computed order - ...

Feedback / Aircraft response

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What are the main advantages of the "fly by wire" philosophy?

Improvement in redundancy, in handling qualities and thus in performances.

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Name the three Flight Laws.

- Normal Law

- Alternate Law

- Direct Law

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Name all available Fuel Tanks.

  • Center Tank
  • LH & RH Inner Wing Tanks
  • LH & RH Outer Wing Tanks
  • LH & RH Wing surge vent Tanks
  • Trim Tank
  • Ventilisation Tank / Vent Box
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From which Fuel Tank the engine are feeded?

LH & RH Inner Wing Tanks (Collector Cell)

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Are the Fuel Tank Pumps interchangeable?



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The purpose of the Trim Transfer System is to

control the center of gravity position

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There are a number of Magnetic Lever Indicators installed. For what reason?

To determine the physical Aircraft fuel volume in the tanks, if the indication system is inoperative or showing a wrong value.