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The geometry of the main landing gear leg and the pivoting four wheel bogie beam changes during retraction or extension. The angle of the bogie beam with respect to the leg assembly is driven by

side stay and pitch trimmer

landing gear shortening mechanism

pitch trimmer and articulating links

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The crew oxygen system provides oxygen to the cockpit crew consist of

a fix high pressure source and a low pressure distribution

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The masks presented to the passengers in case of cabin decompression provide

oxygen extracted from the ambient air

compressed air from the oneumatic system

oxygen created by a chemical reaction

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The purpose of the pneumatic system is to supply aircraft users with pressurized air. Mention 3 aircraft users.

  • Air Conditioning System
  • Water Tank pressurization
  • Hydraulic Reservoir pressurization
  • Engine starting
  • Wing / engine Anti-ice
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What are the sources to supply high pressure air?

  • Engine HP compressors
  • APU
  • two HP ground connectors
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What is the purpose of the Precooler?

The precooler is an air to air heat exchanger. The cold fan air flow crosses the hot air for cooling reasons. The Fan Air Valve pneumatically regulates the fan air flow to the precooler.

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What is the purpose of the APU?

The APU is an independent source for pneumatic and electrical power.

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How is the APU started?

APU Battery driven electrical starter