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The slats on the wing's leading edge are protected against ice through the wing anit-ice system. Ice formaiton is prevented by

active heating through telespopic pneumatic tubes with hot air comig from the pneumatic system

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The cockpit comprises various panels. List 2 control panels.

OHP (Overhead Panel), Pedestal, Glareshield, Main Instrumental Panel

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The Electronic Instrumental System (EIS) comprises

an Electornic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and an Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring System (ECAM)

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The EFIS comprises

  • two Primary Flight Displays (PFD)
  • two Navigation Displays (ND)
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The ECAM comprises

  • an Engine and Warning Display (E/WD)
  • a System Display (SD)
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What is the purpose of the landing gear shortening mechanism?

It decreases the main landing gear leg length, so that it can go into the main gear bay

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The landing gear doors are locked in the closed position by means of

mechanical door uplock assemblies (closed mechanically, opended hydraulically or mechanically)

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The landing gear was extended by free fall gravity extension How is this visible when the aircraft has landed?

All landing gear doors stay open