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The aircraft is equipped with three hydraulic systems which are connected to each other. True or False?

False! Green, Blue and Yellow System are fully independent

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In normal operation the Hydraulic Systems are powered by Engine Driven Pumps (EDPs). What is the nominal pressure?

3000 psi

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Engines are not running and the yellow electrical pump for cargo door opening is not functioning. What can be done?

Cargo door opening with the mechanical hand pump (located at the yellow ground service panel)

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Which is the main Hydraulic System?

Green Hydraulic System

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The leak measurement valve operation is inhibited during flight



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What is a RAT and what is its purpose?

It pressurizes the green hydraulic system in emergency conditions.

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The Ice and Rain Protection system permits aircraft operation without restriction in icing conditions or heavy rain. Critical areas of the aircraft are protected by hot air or electrical heating. List 5 systems where hot air or electrical heating is applied.

Slats, Engines, Windows, Windshield Wipers & Rain Repellent System, Static Probes, Pitot Probes, Drain lines, Escape Slide locking mech

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The ice detection system sends warning mesages to the flight crew when icing conditions and heavy icing are detected. The ice detectors work according

a vibration frequency shift principle