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Aircraft systems and structures are identified by means of a specific classification system. Name it.

ATA chapters (Air Transport Assocciation System)

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For maintenance purposes, mainly related to the landing gear, four jacking points are provided. Where have they located?

  • one below each wing
  • one in front of the nose landing gear bay
  • one safety point under the rear fuselage point
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The air conditioning system basically ensures

  • temperatur regulation
  • ventilation and pressurisation
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Which are the controllers related to the pressurization system?

CPC 1 & CPC 2

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Correct cabin pressurization is obtained by controlling the conditioned air discharge through

two outflow valves

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Which and how many valves do prevent excessive positive or negative differential pressure?

  • Two Safety Valves (installed on aft pressure dome)
  • One Negative Pressure Relieve Valve (installed on FWD Fuselage)
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Mention 5 communication systems installed on A330 Aircraft.

  • 2 HF / 3VHF Systems
  • SELCAL (selective calling)
  • ACARS (Aicraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System)
  • SATCOM System
  • Passenger Address System
  • CIDS (Cabin Intercommunication Data System)
  • IFE
  • Interphone communication System
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
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For what reason interphones are used – mention 3

  1. Cabin interphone (Cabin - Cockpit)
  2. Flight interphone (Ground engineer)
  3. Service interphone (com. between verious interphones)
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Mention the possible supply sources for the aircraft’s electrical systems

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AC electrical power supplied to the aircraft systems has following voltage/frequency characteristics:

115V / 400Hz

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How many Batteries are installed (name it)?

3 Batteries (2 Main Batteries BAT 1+2; 1 APU Battery)

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How are the main electrical systems feeded if during flight both IDG and the APU Generator fails?

With the Emergency Generator (Constant Speed Motor / Generator) driven by the green hydraulic system & RAT activation

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What are the aircraft equipment and furnishings?

- the cockpit
- the passenger compartment
- the cargo compartments
- the avionics compartment
- the emergency equipment

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What is the Nacelle and what is the purpose of it?

- Nacelle is the aerodynamic structure around the basic engine (Nose Cowl or Intake Cowl, Fan Cowls, Thrus Reverser, Exhaust Nozzle and Exhaust Plug)
- The purpose is to prevent damage to the basic engine, to smoothout the Fan Air Flow, give additional strenght to the engine structure.

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Write in full text the following acronyms:

  • DFDR:
  • THS:
  • RAT:
  • CVR:
  • FCPC:
  • SFCC:
  • ACARS:

DFDR: Digital Flight Data Recorder
THS: Trimmable Horizont Stabilizer
RAT: Ram Air Turbine
CVR: Cockpit Voice Recorder
FCPC: Flight Control Primary Computer
SFCC: Slat/Flap Control Computer
ACARS: Aicraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System

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Which compartments are given to load freight?

FWD, AFT and BULK Cargo compartments

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The fire protection system consists of

Fire detection system

Fire detection system and fire extinguishing system

Fire extinguishing system

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The flight controls are driven by which hydraulic system?

Green, Blue and Yellow Hydraulic Systems

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The roll movement is achieved by which surfaces?

2 Ailerons and 5 spoilers on each wing

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A computer arrangement permanently controls and monitors the flight control surfaces. Name the involved computers


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All the flight controll surfaces are electrically controlled and hydraulically operated. Which flight Controlls (actuators) are backed-up with mechanical cables?

- THS (Pitch axis) -> Trimmable horizontal stabilizer

- Rudder (Yaw Axis)

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The 3 principal flight control modes are

Ground mode, Flight mode, Flare mode

Ground mode, Flight mode, Landing mode

Take-off mode, Flight mode, Landing mode

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The purpose of the Manoeuvre Load Alleviation (MLA) function is to reduce the loads applied to the outer wing structure during high g manoeuvre. Explain the function's principle.

The function is achieved by 2 ailerons & 3 external spoilers on each wing. These surfaces are deflected upwards on both wings.

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Fill in the missing word within the below shown "fly by wire" philosophy.

Auto Pilot or Pilot command/order - Computed order - ...

Feedback / Aircraft response

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What are the main advantages of the "fly by wire" philosophy?

Improvement in redundancy, in handling qualities and thus in performances.

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Name the three Flight Laws.

- Normal Law

- Alternate Law

- Direct Law

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Name all available Fuel Tanks.

  • Center Tank
  • LH & RH Inner Wing Tanks
  • LH & RH Outer Wing Tanks
  • LH & RH Wing surge vent Tanks
  • Trim Tank
  • Ventilisation Tank / Vent Box
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From which Fuel Tank the engine are feeded?

LH & RH Inner Wing Tanks (Collector Cell)

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Are the Fuel Tank Pumps interchangeable?



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The purpose of the Trim Transfer System is to

control the center of gravity position