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Which compartments are given to load freight?

FWD, AFT and BULK Cargo compartments

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The fire protection system consists of

Fire detection system

Fire detection system and fire extinguishing system

Fire extinguishing system

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The flight controls are driven by which hydraulic system?

Green, Blue and Yellow Hydraulic Systems

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The roll movement is achieved by which surfaces?

2 Ailerons and 5 spoilers on each wing

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A computer arrangement permanently controls and monitors the flight control surfaces. Name the involved computers


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All the flight controll surfaces are electrically controlled and hydraulically operated. Which flight Controlls (actuators) are backed-up with mechanical cables?

- THS (Pitch axis) -> Trimmable horizontal stabilizer

- Rudder (Yaw Axis)

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The 3 principal flight control modes are

Ground mode, Flight mode, Flare mode

Ground mode, Flight mode, Landing mode

Take-off mode, Flight mode, Landing mode

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The purpose of the Manoeuvre Load Alleviation (MLA) function is to reduce the loads applied to the outer wing structure during high g manoeuvre. Explain the function's principle.

The function is achieved by 2 ailerons & 3 external spoilers on each wing. These surfaces are deflected upwards on both wings.