What is card2brain.ch?

On the online learning platform card2brain.ch, you can create and playfully study your own flashcards. card2brain.ch is designed according to the well-known "system of five compartments", free of cost and freely accessible for everyone.

How can I use card2brain?

Either, you create your own set of flashcards, or you benefit from our large library containing 142,929 sets of flashcards with a total of 9,894,758 flashcards already. Additionally, you also have the possibility to share or co-create sets of flashcards with other users, review and comment on flashcards.

How can I benefit from card2brain?

With card2brain, you study effectively and with success. Your study progress is saved and your study progress is visualised.
You can study on card2brain both on your computer and on your mobile. Also, apps are available.

Summary of features

Mobile app

With the app for iOS and Android, you can study offline while you're on the move. The card2brain cloud sync ensures that you can check your study progress on all devices.

142,929 sets of flashcards

In the library, 9,894,758 flashcards of other users are available for you to study, rate, and comment on. Alternatively, you can create private sets of flashcards with a Premium account.

Create flashcards

Create varied sets of flashcards with the flashcard editor. Add pictures, texts, and choose from different formats.


Select high quality flashcards in the library according to the ratings of other card2brain users.


You can comment on public flashcards and give the author and other learners some important feedback on the content of the flashcard deck.

Share flashcards

The share function enables you to invite friends for setting up and studying flashcards together.

For teachers

card2brain offers many features for school. The teacher's guide gives some suggestions and ideas for using mobile devices.

Learning for free

The card2brain library and apps are free and open access. If you don't have a smartphone, you can also study on your desktop PC.

Private sets of flashcards

The Premium account enables you to create private flashcards and to share them with selected friends.