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How to do a TWR CHECK?

"Omega Radar, Tower Check, CSN, .. Miles from touchdown"
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Coordination TWR-APP

1) Request for radar circuits, e.g.: "OMEGA TWR, request clearance for radar circuits for HB-POP"


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Coordination ACC-MIL

when leaving AWY and entering Restricted Area, in advance

"Swiss Radar, Position, CSN, Squawk, Level, request (+reason)"

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Revision ACC-ACC

1) Time Revision (>5 minutes off)

2) Flight Level Revision (any deviation)

"Swiss Radar, revision POSITION, CSN"

Go ahead

"CSN, TIME XX, Initials"

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Traffic information towing glider

"glider train"

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positions on downwind

Beginning of DW


End of DW

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How to provide Traffic Information if Type of Aircraft unkown?

use number of enginges

"Single Engine", "Twin" or "Helicopter"

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Phrases in context with "Start-Up"

"startup approved"

"stand-by for start-up (+reason)"

"expect start-up at (time)"

"expext departure at (time), start-up at own discretion"