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What is the book about?
E=mc2, the formula
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What is NOT the topic of the book?
Not about Einstein, not a biography
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Why is there a central section about WW2?
Equation had a large part in the race for a nuclear bomb.
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What was Einstein's economic and family situation around 1900-1905?
He was poor. He was married with two children. They had to give the first child up to adoption. He worked as a clerk in the Bern patent office.
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How well did Einstein do in his final physics university exams?
He got average to good results. He had a conflict with the professor.
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Where did Einstein do his research?
In his office: He had a drawer with his notes. All the research was theoretical.
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Where exactly did Einstein publish his ground-breaking formula?
German physics journal: Annalen der Physik.
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What kind of apprenticeship did Michael Faraday make?