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An organization gains competitive advantage when it:

lowers costs and decreases differentiation

increases costs and decreases differentiation

increases costs and increases differentiation

lowers costs and increases differentiation

increases costs and lowers prices.

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Which of the following should an organization do in order to obtain a competitive
advantage through superior efficiency?

Make products that are much more reliable than the products available in the market

Reduce the number of inputs it requires to produce a given amount of outputs

Use technology to make its product unique and different when compared to its rivals'

Conduct surveys to determine whether a product will be successful in the market

Create products that will attract customers and charge a premium price for those products

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A tire company's products are more expensive than those offered by its competitors,
but are still sought after by customers since they are more durable and perform better
under harsh conditions. The tire company, in this case, has achieved competitive
advantage through _____.

marketing strategies

superior quality

quantum product innovation

pricing strategies

promotional strategies

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Which of the following should an organization do in order to obtain a competitive
advantage through superior innovation?

Reduce the number of components that go into its products

Decrease the number of product attributes and lower the price of its products

Setup a strong team to handle after-purchase support

Produce products with technologies that have not been used previously

Provide high quality products to create a brand-name reputation for its products

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Users of Adobe Reader, created by Adobe Systems Incorporated, are prompted to
provide feedback on their experiences with the software in a bid to improve the
product. Adobe Systems Incorporated, in this case, is trying to gain a competitive
advantage through:

superior efficiency

superior infrastructure

superior innovation

superior speed and flexibility

superior responsiveness to customers

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A _____ is a plan of action to improve the ability of each of an organization’s
departments to perform its task-specific activities in ways that add value to an
organization’s goods and services

corporate-level strategy

divisional-level strategy

functional-level strategy

business-level strategy

branch-level strategy

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The development of a set of functional-level strategies that support a company's
business-level strategy and strengthen its competitive advantage is known as:

total quality management

human resource management

value chain management.

materials management

marketing management

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A(n) _____ is a coordinated series or sequence of functional activities needed to
transform inputs into finished goods or services

operating system

marketing function

organizational hierarchy

value chain

customer relationship management system