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What are the two duties of consultants according to SIA? What is the big difference between the service of a consultant and a service of work?

  • Duty of loyality (Treuepflicht): "They shall be independent of contractors and suppliers"
  • Duty of diligence (Sorgfaltspflicht): "They shall act responsibility towards the environment and the public"

Consultant: Delivers intellectual service, with an unknown output.

Work: Delivers a product whith a clear predefined outcome. 

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Define a Project.

  • Clear defined starting- and endpoint
  • outcome is unknown and unique
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Draw the swiss service model for a leading consultant and highlight the basic services according to SIA.

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  • Strategic briefing
  • Plreliminary Studies
  • Project*
  • Invitation to tender (Ausschreibung)*
  • Implementation*
  • Operation

*Basic services

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What are the differences between the Swiss and German Service model?


  • Division in "Phases"
  • Only a recommendation
  • non-compulory phases like "strategic breefing", "pleliminary studies", "Operation"


  • Division in "Working Packages"
  • Every working package belongs to the basic service. -> leading consultant must do everything. 
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Name the Subphases of "Strategic Planning" and its goals.

  • Definition of needs, solution strategies.

Goal: Determination of of needs, solution strategies

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Name the Subphases of "Preliminary Studies" and its goals.

  • Project definition, feasibility study (Machbarkeitsstudie)
  • Selection procedures: Select the option which meets the requirements best.
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Name the Subphases of "Project" and its goals.

  • Preliminary project: Concept and profitability optimized
  • Construction project: Project and cost optimized, defined
  • Permit-abtaining procedure:
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Name the Subphases of "Intivation to bid / tender" and its goals.

  • Invitation, comparison of quotation, application for contract awarding