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Solid cancer (4)


Carcinoma (epithelium: skin, glands, organs)

Sarcoma (connective/ soft tissue: bone, muscle, fat)

Melanoma (pigment cells) 

Brain tumors (glioma) 

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burden of cancer in CH (number) 

41.000 new cancer cases and 17.00 cancer deaths 

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Men and Woman (prevalence)

1. Prostate, Lung, Colorectal

2. Breast, Colorectal, Lung 

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Burden WW (new and deaths) 


18.1 mio new cases

9.6 mio cancer deaths 


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Caner dangerous 

local effects


local damage to tissue

obsturction (GIT, blood vessel)

bleeding pressure and mass effects 

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Cancer dangrous

systemic (6)

Bllod clots


organ failure

cachexia (weight lose, weakness and fatigues = wasting syndrome) 


iatrogenic (complications of treatment and diagnosis) 

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what is this_ 


casuses problems at metastasis site: _ (4)

spread of cancer to other body parts

along lymphatic cessels or blood stream 

bone, liver, lung, brain 

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Cancer RF (a lot) 

age, amoking, alcohol, obesity, diet, PA, carcinogenic substances, radiation, sunlight, infectious agents, immunosuppresion, genetics