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What is the concept of E-Business?

The usage of the internet in the company

The digital enabling of transactions and processes within a firm

New methods to reach individual customers

Storage of business data in the cloud

Usage of private industrial networks

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What are relevant success factors of Mobile Commerce?

User-friendliness and block reduction

Capacity of flash memory

Operating system and browser technology

Existing and already succesful online shop

Size of the Display

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What are the main elements of a comprehensive multi-channel marketing plan?

Web Site

Well known shop at the best area of a city

Advertisment in newspapers

Mobile marketing

Good account managers

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Which advantages does mobile commerce offer to the customers?

Lower Price



Delivery time of supplied goods

Callcenter available

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What is a sitemap?

Another Name for „Homepage“

A single page on the website that provides access to all other pages on the site

An alternative to „Google Maps“

A written brief description of a website

A view to the website’s code

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What are examples for malware?

Open Source Code



Search engine

BIOS system

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What are the benefits of B2B E-Commerce?

Better connection to business partners

Lower administrative costs

Better networks

Lower search costs for buyers

No contracts needed

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What are the main elements of IT Ambidexterity?