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Which of the following best describes the relationship between e-commerce and ebusiness?

E-commerce is a subset of E-business

E-business is a subset of E-commerce

E-business is equivalent to E-commerce

E-commerce overlaps with E-business

None of the above

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FHTW receives money from selling information to the Austrian Government. Which kind
of revenue model is it?

Transaction revenue model

Information revenue model

Sales revenue model

Affiliate revenue model

Subscription revenue model

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Which is NOT true about web analytics?

The acquisition rate is the percentage of visitors who indicate an interest in the Website.

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who walk into a shop and eventually become customers

It helps to create a better online experience for companies

It helps analyse behaviour of visitors on the website

None of the above

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Which is the right order of the website system development life cycle according to Laudon
and Traver?

i. Testing

ii. Building the System

iii. System Design

iv. Systems Analysis and Planning

i, ii, iv, iii

iv, ii, iii, i

iv, iii, ii, i

iii, iv, ii, i

ii, iv, iii, i

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The eradication of the disaster from affected networks and restoring the systems to
trustworthy states describes which kind of disaster recovory technique?






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Which of the following is a benefits of B2B E-Commerce?

Lower transaction costs by eliminating paperwork and automating parts of the procurement process

Increase opportunities for collaborating with suppliers and distributors

Lower administrative costs

Decrease product cycle time by sharing designs and production schedules with suppliers

All the above

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Within an IT context, negative interruptions include all except


Confusions or troubles with the new IT system

A disruption or problematic situation

Expected failure

None of the above

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Which is not a characteristic of corporate accelerators?

No Cohorts

Intense mentorship

Short-term process

Venture at every stage

Competitive, cyclical and team focus selection