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What exploit mitigations do you know?

  • (ASCII Armor)
  • Stack Canary 
  • ASLR [Address Space Layout Ranfomization]
    • PIE
  • DEP [Data Exection Prevention]
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How can you do to write secure code?

  • Use secure libraries
  • Perfom Static Analysis of the source code
  • Perform Dynamic Analysis of programs
  • Perform fuzzing of input vectors
  • Have a secure development lifecycle (SDL)
  • Manual source code reviews
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What two types of protection can be put in place by sysadmins?

  • Compile Time Protection
  • Runtime Protection
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What is required to create an exploit?

  • Executable Shellcode
    • Aka "Hacker instructions"
  • The distance form the buffer to the SIP (Stored Instruction Pointer)
    • Offset for the overflow
  • The address of shellcode
    • in memory of the target process
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Name two compile time mitigations.

 Compile time mitigations:

  • Stack canaries
  • PIE


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Name some runtime mitigations.

Runtime mitigations:

  • ASLR
  • DEP
  • ASCII Armor
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Where is the stack cannary located on the stack?

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The stack canary is below the SIP (Stored Instruction Pointer) and the SBP [SFP] (Stored Base Pointer, Stored Frame Pointer)

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   what does DEP stand for and what does it do?

DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

DEP makes the stack not executable.