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What is a remote exploit?

Attacking an application on another computer, via the network

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In what can local remote payloads be hidden in?

Local: Payloads can be in:

  • Program arguments
  • File
  • Environment variable
  • etc..


  • Packatets
  • Data sent to server
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How do you establish a direct connection  to an exploited server?


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How does a revershell work?

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How is connection reuse doen schematic?

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How does a deamon work?

WTF is this fork()?

  • Create an exact copy of the current process
    • Dublicate memory pages as COW (copy on write)
  • If return value == 0: Your are in child
  • If return value > 0: Your are the parent

WTF are sockets?

  • "Bidirectional pipes"
  • Pipe: read(), write()
  • Or: An integer which represents a pipe
    • Pretty much like file descriptors (read/write into a file)
  • Child processes inherits sockets of parent
  • Processes write/read to socket
    • OS makes sute it transports it to the other sie (TCP/IP and stuff)
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What is a zombie process <defunct>?

A zombie is a child, whose parent did not check their status after it died or was killed.

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What if the parent of child dies?

When the parent of a child dies, the child gets adopted by init (pid1)