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What can you remember from the definitions on language ideologies?

  • They are attempts to understand, justify, rationalise what language is and should be to people
  • incomplete and partial
  • they link the social and the linguistic and are stuffed with moral and political interests.
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List Kroskrity's (2004) 5 dimensions of language ideologies.

  1. The perception of language and discourse that is constructed in the interests of a specific social or cultural group;
  2. Ideologies are multiple - different group = distinct takes on same phenomenon
  3. Awareness of ideological nature of these views differs;
  4. Mediation btwn. social structures and forms of language
  5. ideologies are productively used in the creation and representation of various social and cultural identities, such as nationalism and ethnicity.
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Awareness of the ideological nature of these views differs (Kroskrity's 3rd dimension). Give examples for an openly ideological and a rather 'common sense' debate about language.


Gender neutral language (recognised as ideological by most) vs. standard English and grammar as hegemonic standard (defended as common sense by most).

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Mediation between social structures and forms of language (Kroskrity's 4th dimension). What are the three tools by Irvine and Gal to reveal linguistic ideologies?

  • Iconisation
    • Linguistic features understood as iconic of the identities of certain speakers. E.g. Southern Americans and 'drawl'.
  • Fractal recursivity
    • Creation and reproduction of ideologies in general. E.g. Bosnian being created to project onto the nation-state. Reiterates and enforces the difference btwn social groups.
  • Erasure
    • Ignore social groups and facts that are not in line with the ideological scheme
    • E.g. Catalan as dialect of Spanish, Valencian as dialect of Catalan.
    • Dialects don't have grammars..
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Ideologies are productively used in the creation and representation of various social and cultural identities, such as nationalism and ethnicity (Kroskrity's 5th dimension). Give some examples

 - nation building in general - one nation, one language

 - Association of classical Arabic with Islam

 - Pronunciation of BATH vowel in northern England.

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What is a standard ideology?

bias towards an abstracted, idealized and homogenous spoken language which is imposed and maintained by dominant instiutions and has a written form as model. It is drawn primarily form speech of upper middle classes. 

  • abstracted (artificial)
  • imposed and maintained by power
  • written language = holy 
  • upper middle class speech
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How does the belief that standard forms of languages exist affect the way we think language?

 - negative thoughts about varieties are a possible consequence, as well as languages in general that don't have an established standard. This works together with fractal recursivity and erasure.

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How is uniformity linked to prestige and elite?

Standard = uniform; the elite are prestigious and so characteristics of them gain prestige; language of elite = prestigious = standard. - FRACTAL RECURSIVITY RIGHT THERE