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primary industry

  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • mining
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secondary industry

  • construction and manufacturing
  • manufacturing (transformation of raw materials into finished goods)
    • capital goods (equipment and machinery used to produce other goods)
    • durable goods (car, washing maschines)
    • non-durable goods (food, clothing)


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service industry

  • banking
  • entertainment
  • tourism
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sole trader

  • business is owned by one person who is self-employes
  • unlimited liability - personally responsible for any debts
  • freelancer

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  • two or more people run the business
  • lawyers, architects and auditing firms
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a limited liability company (Llc)

  • legal distinction between the company and the owners
  • company is responsible for any debts
  • quite small, many family-run businesses
  • private company because shares cannot be sold to members of the public
  • UK: Ltd = limited
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public limited company

  • company is owned by shareholders
    • large financial institutions
    • other companies
    • members of the public
  • dividends
  • capital gain or loss when sell the shares
  • large companies
  • run by managers under the supervision of a Board
  • UK: PLC, US: Inc or Corp


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stockholder (US) / shareholder (UK)

  • larg financial institutions
  • other companies
  • members of the public
  • dividends
  • gain or loss when they sell the stock