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• Charge = Current x time (Q=It)
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• Voltage = Current x Resistance (V=IR - also known as Ohms Law)
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Circuit types

parallel and series
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Circuit Current, Voltage and Resistance rules

o Series - Current same, voltage shared, add resistance to get total resistance o Parallel - Voltage same current shared in branches of circuit
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Light bulb

• Light bulb - effects of heat on resistance (non-ohmic graph of V against I is not straight line)
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Special resistors

- LDR, thermistor and diode ,Graph shapes and uses
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  • Alternating and Direct Current 
o Graphs of wave forms and sources
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  • Domestic Electricity Supply
o Plugs and wiring (Blue Neutral, Brown Live, Green and Yellow Earth) ♣ Common Faults o Protection by Earth wire, fuses and double insulation