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Have you ever taken the ASVAB or are you now scheduled to?

- When and where did you test?

- What were your ASVAB scores?

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Have you ever taken a physical examination for any branch of the Armed Force, or are you now scheduled to?

- Did you physical or are you scheduled?

- When and where did you take the physical? What was the outcome? Did you join the military?


- When are you scheduled to take the physical?

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The next few questions will help determine your rank if you decide to join...

- Have you ever been a member of the boy/girl scouts? (did you win the eagle scout/gold award?)

- Have you ever been a member of the Civil Air Patrol? (did you win any award?)

- Have you ever been a member of the Jr or Sr Reserve Officer Training Corps? (Did you receive a 2 or 3 year completion letter?)

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Part of you eligibility will be determined by your financial history, so I need to know if you ever filed for bankruptcy, had any delinquent accounts, or had any accounts go to a collection agency?

Is there anyone else involved in your decision to join the Air Force?

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Have you ever been charged, arrested, cited, held, or questioned by any law enforcement agency to include minor traffic or juevenile violations regardless of the disposition?

- what was the offense?

- when and where did the offense occur?

- what was your age at the time of the offense?

- what was the final disposition?

- did you complete that disposition?

- when did you complete the probation/community service?

- what court handled the offense?

- are there any other offenses?

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Thank you ______, for the information. I am going to check my instruction to verify your qualifications.


- ______, everything looks good up to this point.


- _______. based on current Air Force criteria, you are not qualified to enlist at this time because of _____ (explain why they are not qualified, tell them specific offense or offenses)

- However, there may still be a way I can help you join.  If you are willing to put forth some extra effort, I can help you you complete a/the ____________ (category of offense (if morals) and type of waiver, or eligibility determination)

- Check for acceptance

- Acknowledge their commitment (Awesome, Great, etc...)

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- Professional Relationship Form (with video)

- Air Force Applicant Rights and Responsibilites Card

- Applicant Profile Worksheet

- First Step Handout

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- _____, as we discussed the Air Force is going to help you achieve your goals you set for yourself by providing you _______________. (restate all benefits previously accepted)

- Before our next appointment on _____, I'll start putting your information into the computer system. I'd like you to complete the applicant profile worksheet as completely and accurately as possible and bring it with you to our next appointment. Call me if you have any questions or if you need transportation.

- Can you do that?

- Great. _____, here are your forms.

- Once again congratulations on your decision to become a member of the Air Force and I look forward to seeing you ______. (time of appointment)