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Different kinds of gap: (4)

  • Information gap (one has the info, other hasn't)
  • Experience gap 
  • Opinion gap
  • Knowledge gap
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Outcome of communication activity


  • realt time
  • interaction
  • no restriction
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Forms of writing (4)

  • Copying
  • Doing excercises
  • Guided writing
  • Free writing

accuracy -> fluency

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2 Approaches of Writing

Product approach (model Text)

process aporach (plan-write-edit)

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  • Single word
  • collocations (common going-together patterns)
  • chunks/multi word items(use like one single word)
    • polywords (like single word)
    • frames (depends on context)
    • sentences (occure often like this)
    • patterns
  • to know a word you have to know form and meaning
  • learn words: label -> categorize -> network building
  • short term store -> working memory -> long term memory
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how to learn words (8)

  • repetition,
  • retrieval (from memory),
  • spacing (over a long time)
  • pacing (using different styles)
  • use
  • personal organisation (personalize words)
  • Mnemonics (Eselsbrücken)
  • Motivation / affection
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Grammar (2 approaches)

Inductive approach (rule is infered through guided discovery)

Deductive approach (rule is presented by teacher)

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Grammar Pre- vs. Descriptive

  1. pre: rules, what is right and wrong
  2. de: how people use language