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Fermer la fenêtre

Skills (4)





Fermer la fenêtre

Systems (4)

Lexis (What ist the individual word?)

Grammar (How do the words interact?)

Function ( What ist the use of the word in a specific situation?)

Phonology (What does the word sound like?)

Fermer la fenêtre

Listening (3) general

Types, Techniques, Frameworks

Fermer la fenêtre

Types of listening

Listening for specific information

Global/gist listening (main idea)

Inference (between the lines)

Fermer la fenêtre

Listening techniques (film)

  • fast forward
  • silent viewing
  • freeze frame
  • pictureless listening
  • subtitles
Fermer la fenêtre


  • Pre-listening
  • while-listening (3types)
  • post-listening (follow->closing)
Fermer la fenêtre

Reading techniques (11)

  • Skimming (reading quickly to get main idea)
  • Scanning (reading quickly to get specific information)
  • Intensive/Accurate reading (carefully)
  • Extensive, gist (reading speed)
  • Making inferences (reading between the lines)
  • Contextual guessing (meaning of a word in a context)
  • Outlining (overall organisation of text)
  • paraphrasing (say in other words)
  • information transfer (into other form)
  • Passage completion (predicting)
  • Scrambled stones (put in right order)
Fermer la fenêtre

Speaking (3Types)

  • Reproduction (repeat word by word)
  • Reconstruction (adapting phrase to new situation)
  • construction (communicate)