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What is functional service marketing?

conducted by industrial

companies as an additional

function for the purpose of sales


(value adding services)

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What is institutional service marketing?

conducted by service institutions

of the

tertiary sector as a "main" function

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Characteristics of Service?

- Simultaneous production and


- Variable

- Intangible

- Perishable

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What are Challenges for services?

- Defining and improving quality

- Communicating and testing new services

- Communicating and maintaining a consistent image

- Motivating and sustaining employee commitment

- Coordinating marketing, operations and HR efforts

- Setting prices

- Standardization versus personalization

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7 P's






Physical facilities

Process management

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Which skills should the employees have for offer the best possible service?

Motivation, Competence and KnowHow
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SW03 Business modell: Key points of the Service Star Core modell?

- Customers

- Employees / Organization

- Positioning

- Partners

- Technology / Internet

- Operations

- Profit model

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SW03: What are the KEY ELEMENTS of a Business Model?

Productions: - key processes, - key resources

Customer value proposition: - customer value, - proplem solving

Profit model: - profit generation, - contribution profit margin, -cost structure, -demand of resources