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cordon off

stop people from entering an area by putting someting as a rope around it
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creep up on

move towards someone quietly and slowly, especially because you want to surprise them
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fall behind

move more slowly than other people so that you are behind them / make less progress or be less successful than other people who are doing a similar job or activity
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  1. go astray
  2. head off
  1. become lost or go the wrong place
  2. prevent someone from going somewhere by getting in front of them ; prevent something from taking place
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  1. hold back
  2. move in (with)
  1. stop someone or something from moving forwards
  2. start living in a different house or flat (with)
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move on

leave one place and travel to another ; stop discussing or doing something and begin discussing or doing something different


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move out

permanently leave the house or flat where you live or the place where you have your business


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move over

change your psition in order to make space for someone or something