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Lizenzierung Keine Angabe     (Social Psychology - 4th Edition by Smith, Mackie, Claypool)
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social psychology

the scientific study of the effects of social and cognitive processes on the way individuals perceive, unfluence and relate to others

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social process

the ways in which input from the people and groups arround us affect our thoughts, feelings and actions

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cognitive process

the ways in which our memories, perceptions, thoughts, emotions and motives influence our understanding of the world and guide our actions

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construction of reality

the axiom that each person's view of reality is a construction, shaped both by cognitive processes (the ways our minds work) and by social processes (input from others either actually present or imagined)

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pervasiveness of social influence

the axiom that other people influence virtually all of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, whether those are physically present or not

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striving for mastery

the motivational principle that people seek to understand and predict events in the social world in order to obtain awards

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seeking connectedness

the motivational principle that people seek support, liking and acceptance from the people and groups they care about and value

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valuing me and mine

the motivational principle that people desire to see themselves and other people and groups connected to themselves in a positive light