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My house was burned. The ensurance adjustor ... the value of the damage at 1000€.

assess (tasar)
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I don't understand your. You are usually really nice but you irritate sometimes me. Your behaiviour ... me. 

Baffle(s) / confuse(s)
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You believe that he is the thief only because he is black. You ... Always against everyone who is black! 

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I don't believe in God. Their existence is ...

Dubious /doubtful
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The toys are in the floor. Please, can you ... them? 

Gather / collect
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There are a lot of policemen and cars in the main gate of the airport. I ... that there was an accident. 

Gather / deduce
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I ... your sorrow. I have lost also my father two years ago. 

Grasp / understand
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You can trust me. I have the ... that you are going to pass the exam. 

Hunch / suspicion (corazonada, presentimiento)