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What is a picture, how is it displayed and what allows us to exploit it?

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A picture is:

  • Data for the computer
  • When interpreted correctly, the image is displayed
  • When interpreted wrongly, displays garbage / crashes
  • When interpreted wrongly in the right way, lets us hack a computer
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What is the difference between data and code?

There is no difference between data and code.

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Is possible to create an image which executes code? When is it a bug, when is it feature, and how can it be done?

It is possible to create an image which executes code:

  • If this is intentional, it's a feature
  • If this is not intentional, the picture is an exploit (exploiting a bug/vulnerability)


  • M ake the orignal program (code) execute our (the attackers) own code (data) by writing into memory locations at runtime which influence where code is being read from.
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Name some vulnerability types.

Vulnerability types:

  • Memory corruption
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Configuration error
  • Input validation
  • Logic error
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Session management
  • Encoding Error
  • Cryptographic Errors
  • Permission Problems
  • ...
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What is a memory corrution and when does it occur?

Memory corruption occours in a computer program when the contents of a memory location are unintentionally modified due to programming errors; this is termed violation memory safety. When the corrupted memoryn contents are used later in that program, it lead either to a program crash or th strange and bizarre program behavior.

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What is an exploit?

Simple definition of exploit:

  • to get value or use from (something)
  • to us (someone or something) in a way that helps you unfairly

Full definition of exploit

  • to make productive use of : utilize
    • <exploiting your talents><exploit your opponent's weakness>
  • to make use of meanly or unfairly for one's own advantage
    • <exploiting migrant farm workers>
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What is an exploit in relation to hacking?

  • to exploit (verb): To take advantage of a vulnerability so that the target system reacts in a manner other than which the designer intended.
  • the exploit (noun): the tool, set of instructions, or code that is used to take advantage of a vulnerability.
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Name 3 different types of exploits?

  • Local 
  • Server-side
  • Client-side
  • Remote