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Report Introduction

- The purpose of this report is to analyze___

- The result of these problems has been a significant___

- A recommendation will also be made on how this could be improved.

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Report Findings (1+2)

- On the one hand,__

- On the other hand,__

- In addition,__

- However,__

- One mayor issue__

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Report Conclusion

- Due to__

- As a result__

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Report Recommendation

- In order to__

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Proposal Introduction

- This proposal aims to describe the current situation and recommend two ways __ could improve __

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Proposal Current situation

- __

- Two of the main reasons for__

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Proposal suggestion (1+2)

- I recommend__

- I propose that__

- This could lead to__

- This would mean that__

- It would be worthwile to__

- If this change was implemented, it would__

- We should consider__

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Proposal Conclusion

- In conclusion__

- I believe my proposal is the best way to __ and I trust you will give it your full consideration