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The company departments that more directly interact with logistics operation do not include:



Human Resources


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Economic utility is:

The value of a product to full customer needs

The impact of logistics in the economic sector

The value that comes from a customer to be able to possess a product

The weight that logistics has in the GDP of a country

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An example of less regulation that has impact on logistics is:

Using 3D Printing as a new production technology

Moving from government to private managed airports

Implementation of the omni-channel solution

Co-opetition strategies

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When considering two transportation options, we have to account for:

A total cost approach

the cost of transportation

the order cycle extent and size of shipments to store

the impact on inventory carrying cost

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One factory produces sports shoes in Asia and exports to Europe and USA. About the landed costs of this item:

The landed costs are fixed since production is solely in Asia

The landed costs concept is not applicable because these cases are related to international logistics

The landed costs are included in the purchasing price of the product

The landed costs are going to differ because two different destinations are involved

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The marketing channel that actually overlooks when goods are payed is

The logistics channel

The ownership channel

The promotions channel

The finance channel

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An example from a B2B distribution channel is:

Distribution from a factory to a factory

Distribution from factory to cash-carry and to retail

Mail order service

Usage of a broker

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An example of industry that uses wholesalers is:


Fruits & Vegetables

Pharmaceutical produtcs