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What are the main activities of HRD and do not overlap with HRM?

Learning and development / career development / talent management

Learning and development / Employment legislation / talent managment

Career development / talent managment / recruitment

Induction / employee wellbeing / motivation employees

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Which statement is true?

1: Garavan takes a more supportive position in the role of HRD on the organisation.

2: Learning and Development includes no feedback in the programm.

both are true

both are false

1 is true

2 is true

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which type of HRD involvement occurs when HRM is involved very early in the decision making process?

value-driven HRM

timley involvement of HRM

executive HRM

reactive HRM

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which of the following is not an essential feature of SHRD?

development of a leraning climate

involvement at an individual executive level

relationship with business strategy

vertical & horizontal integration of strategies

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Barney and Wright (1998) came up with a framework that helps organisations ti acquire sustained competitive advantage. This framweork consists of ... 

Choose the correct order!

rare - valuable, organisation - inimitable

valuable - rare - inimitable - organisation

valuable - inimitable - rare - organisation

organisation - rare - valuable - inimitable

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one section of the VRIO model is about the difficulty of imitation - which reasons are given that makes imitation more difficult ?

path dependency

casual ambiguity

social complexity

all of the above.

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The book introduced 10 practical steps for developing a SHRD culture. The sixth step talks about developing a contract for learning. Which statement is false regarding this step?

employees should take responsibility of their own learning

the learning contract is an arrangement for career coaching practices

it should be clear to the employees what the company expects from them for their learning process

the learning contract is a aprt of a larger learning goal in the company

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When is the level in the organisation of the HRD function higher ? Which statement is true?

1: when the business envorinment is dynamic

2: when HRD activities are integrated 

1 is true, 2 is false

2 is true, 1 is false

both are true

both are false