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when and where should the learning event take place ? how long will it last ? how many learner will join?

This definition fits best with:




HRD process

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skills matrix can be used to identify learning needs. what kind of information does ir not provide ?

which areas of the job need to be improved

each individuals strength and weaknesses

what is the most important aspect of the job

who could teach someone else in a certain area of a job

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whoch subsystem does not belong to the envorinmental suprasystem?

techincal subsystem

structural subsystem

social subsystem

goals and values subsystem

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which is not a step of the HRD design process ?

gathering data

delegating within team members

seeking feedback

setting learning outcomes

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which of the following is not a factor in identifying learning needs?

specify goals

inform learner

frame evaluation

constructive criticism

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there are three experimental learning approachs, which are most suitable for large groups. which one of the following methods is not one of them?

exercises and games

in basket exercises

outdoor learning

case studies

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what is a characteristic of a facilitating style of delivery?

using large groups

directed one way

listens to learners insights

works well in information giving

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there are two styles of delivery, instructing and fascilitating. which statement is not true according to instructing delivery?

direct one way communication

often used with small groups

important to engage and involve learners

suitable for demonstrations and infomation giving