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Which of the following statements does not fit andragogy?

art and science of helping afults to learn

evaluated by a trainer

informal, problem centered, facilitates chaning needs

inquiry pojevts, independent study, experiments

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what is not a part of social learning theory?

motivational processes

motor reproduction



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which one of the following is not a type of non formal learning according to Eraut, 2004?

active leraning

implicit learning

reactive learning

deliberative learning

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How do we check if we as an organisation are doing things right according to the types of organisational learning ?

by looking at our actions and results (single loop learning)

by looking at our actions ans results (double loop learning)

by looking at our assumptions, actions and results (double loop learning)

by looking at out assumptions, actions and results (triple loop learning)

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Fill in the gaps.

The four phases of organisational learning (largely) corresponds to the levels of the _____, with the phase "identify new knowldge" corresponding to the level of _____.

adult learning theory, retention

social learning theory, attention

adult learning theory - attention

social learning theory - retention

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how does organisational learning not differ from the learning organisation?

organisational learning is more descriptive

the learning organisation is more practical

the learning organisation involves a supportive learning envorinment

organisational learning draws primarily on management sciences and organisational development

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among the following, which is not a characteristic of learning organisation?

continuous planning

improvised implementation

constant reminding of goal

collaboration across the organisation

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a company conducts a monthly survey to fond out, which products customers are satisfied with, which ones they are not satisfied with, and any changes they would like to see in products. This is an example of...

double lopp learning

social learning theory

adult learning theory

triple loop learning