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Customer journey

a description of modern multi-channel buyer behavior as consumers use different media to select suppliers, make purchases and gain customer support.
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Multi-channel marketing strategy

defines how different marketing channels should integrate and support each other in terms of their proposition development and communications based on their relative merits for the customer and the company.
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CRM system

Putting the customer in a data base Helps to analyze customer behaviour on the online channels and target messages for them. why? They want to keep them and sell more!

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each time we touch the customer

àbut you want not only to touch but also that they buy --> customer journey (always acquisition, conversion, retention

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Customer Lifetime value

how much you can earn out of customer during his how life


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OVP- Online value proposition

a statement of the benefits of online services reinforces the core proposition and differentiates from an organization’s offline offering and those of competitors

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Zero Moment of Truth (the moment you say yes and buy)

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First Moment of Truth (you are aware, spontaneous brand recognition)