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Which Country have a high currency risk? They are independently floating.

Brazil. Japan, Switzerland, USA

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Which countrys have a low curreny risk?

Monetary union: the EU

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What is meant with Dollarization?

For example Ecuador changed their own currency to the 1 of the US. So they have a more stable currency.

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How big is the share of China of the world energy consumption growth in 2007?


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Which part of the world own nearly 50% of all proved oil reserves?

Middle East

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What does the R/P says? (reservers-to-production)

The Reserves-to-production ratio (RPR or R/P) is the remaining amount of a non-renewable resource, expressed in time.

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How big is the share of China in terms of base metals of the global demand?

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How can Ebola influence the Swiss economy?

We import cacao from Africa, if the Ebola virus distribute there it will have consequences for the swiss economic.