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language typology

- word structure (SOV/SVO/VSO)

- ways in which languages differ from each other


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loan word

Words borrowed from another language (for example: anger, awkward, bag, Tsunami etc.)

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Common European Framework of Reference = seeks to analyse and describe in a comprehensive way language teaching and learning, language use and language performance in all possible contexts. It also explores in detail a wide range of types of assessment (scales, levels, performance indicators etc.)

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Competences in more than one language & switch between languages

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Connected to situations where multiple languages exist side-by-side in a society but are utilized separately.

F.E: School language is German. They also learn English and French. At home & with friends they speak Swiss-German.

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Functional Plurilingualism

Understand & being understood; just speaking (not always perfect)

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Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills

Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency

BICS = Basic language and every day language (level A)

CALP = higher levels (B2+, C1, C2). Academic language. Going out of your comfort zone.

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Stage where you are at starting to gain words.

F.E: child - children. baby - babies.