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what is a backward pass?

a substractive move through the network from finish to start

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what is agile project management?

project managing that places a premium on flexibility and evolving customer requirements throughout the development process. 

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when does a waterfallmodel work best?

When the project is of short duration, resources with required expertise are available freely, technology is understood, product definition is stable, requirements are very well understood

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what is the difference between cost management, cost accounting/control and estimation

Management --> encompasses data collection, cost accounting and cost control

accounting/control --> chief mechanism for identifying and maintaining control over project costs

cost estimation--> processes create a reasonable budget baseline for the project

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what are the different cost classifications?

Direct vs indirect, recurring vs. nonrecrurring, fixed vs. variable, normal vs. expedited

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what are the 4 steps of activity-based costing?

1. assign cost

2. identify cost drivers

3. compute a cost rate

4. multiply the cost driver rate times the volume of cost drivers untis used by the project

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What is a function point an function point analysis?

function points --> standard unit of measure that represents the funcitonal size of software applications

function point analysis--> system of estimating the size of software projects based on what the software does

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what are the 4 stages of project control cycles?

1. setting a goal, 2. measuring progress, 3. comparing actual with plannec, 4. taking action and recycling the process