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what are the components of a project charter (statement of work)?

Background/initial position



task or requirements

selection criteria

deliverables or delivery schedule


place of performance

period of performance



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what does WBS mean and where does it go in the project charter?

Work Breakdown Structure --> under scope

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what does WBS accomplish?

echoes project objectives

offers a logical structure of the project work

establishes a method of control

communicates project status

improves communication

demonstrates control structure

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What is a work package?

lowest level in WBS

One Owner

Miniature projects 


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What is the difference between Lump Sum (turnkey) and Cost plus (plus profit) in terms of contracts?

Lump sum --> clear result (e.g. finish app)

Cost plus --> project manager still responsible for delivery)

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What are the 5 phases of M&A (Merger & Acquisition) projects?

1. Define M&A strategy

2. Identify target company

3. Conduct due diligence

4.  Negotiate, sign and close deal

5. Intergrate operations of seller and buyer companies

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what are the 6 things a WBS accomplisheso

1. Echoes project objectives

2. Offers a logical structure of the project work

3. Establishes a method of control

4. Communicates project status

5. Improves communication

6. Demonstrates control structure

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Define a Work Package

lowest level in WBS, Deliverable result, miniature projects, milestones, fits organization, trackable