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Which is the complete hierarchy of the following seven interfaces?

RowSet, JdbcRowSet, JoinRowSet, CachedRowSet, FilteredRowSet, WebRowSet, ResultSet

  • RowSet extends ResultSet.
  • JdbcRowSet and CachedRowSet extend RowSet.
  • WebRowSet extends CachedRowSet.
  • JoinRowSet and FilteredRowSet extend WebRowSet.
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What is the meaning of JDBC and what is it used for?

Java Database Connectivity.

Used to interact with a database using SQL based queries.


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What are Java DB, MySQL and MariaDB?

Database management systems (DBMS).

(Java DB is in SDK, MariaDB is an OpenSource version of MySQL.)

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Which JDBC driver is required to connect to a MySQL database?


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What are MySQL workbench, Apache ant and XAMPP?

Apache ant: Java-based tool for building, running and compiling.

XAMPP: Database administration tool.

MySQL workbench: Database visualization tool.

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What are the four types of JDBC drivers?

  1. ODBC Bridge (implement JDBC API as a mapping to another API, such as ODBC)
  2. Native API (written partly in the Java programming language and partly in native code)
  3. Net pure Java (use a pure Java client and communicate with a middleware server)
  4. 100% Pure Java (pure Java, implement the network protocol for a specific data source)
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For which interfaces must a JDBC driver implementation provide implementation classes?

Driver, Connection, Statement, ResultSet and so on...!

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Which SQL Standard must a JDBC compliant driver implement?