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What are the main advantages of localizating an application?

  • It can be run worldwide
  • New languages can be added without recompilation
  • Date, currency and messages can be provided conform to end-user
  • Dynamic, translateable text-elements can be stored outside of the code
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How can a Locale object for Germany be obtained?

Locale locale = new Locale("de", "DE");


Locale locale = Locale.GERMAN(Y);

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What does a Locale represent and what is it used for?

It represents a region and is used to format date, currency and messages.

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Which parameter type(s) does the Locale constructor accept?

  • language 
  • language, Country
  • language, Country, Variant
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Can a Locale for "US" be obtained without passing a language code?


By using one of the static constants for standard country locales:


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How can the default Locale of the machine be changed to France?

Locale.setDefault(new Locale("fr", "FR"));



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How can the default Locale of the machine be obtained?


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How can a ResourceBundle object for a file named "MyBundle.properties" be obtained?

ResourceBundle rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle("MyBundle", locale);