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Special Views of Sarvastivadin
4th Council 100 AD, Arhats can become normal person again, everything exists, arhats not perfect, boddhisattva normal ppl and not enlightenend,
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Special Views of Sautrantika
Everything exists, but: Past and Present not same time, karma from past to present... Many other enlightened ones at the same level as Buddha
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Name of person who has no certain source?
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What are the names of the four primary Buddhist schools in Tibet? (Vajrayana Buddhism)
Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, Gelug
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what is lam rim?
stages of the path (the great exposition of the stages of the path)
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"The Three Principal Aspects of the Path" by Tsong Khapa
1) the intention definitely to leave cyclic existence, (2) generating the intention to attain awakening for the sake of all sentient beings, and (3) the correct view of emptiness.
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What does Mantra literally mean?
Manas is mind, Tranam means to protect. Mantra means therefore "something that protects the mind".
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What are the three purposes of a Mantra?
1 aid to concentrate 2 aid to memorize 3 enhance spiritual development