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The seven dimensions of Religion by Ninian Smart.
1 Practical and ritual 2 experiential and emotional 3 Narrative and mythical 4 doctrinal and philosophical 5 ethical and lega 6 social and institutional 7 Material
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1 Vinaya-Pitaka teachings to the monks (wisdom) 2 Sutta-Pitaka speeches to the public 3 Abhidhamma Basket of ultimate wisdom
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What is the meaning of "Saka Niruti?"
"In his own words". Buddha on the interpretation of his teachings. Unclear though if room for interpretation or not.
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Who organized the first Buddhist Council?
Maha Kassapa (Arhat)
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Who was chosen to recite the Vinaya-Pitaka in the 1BC?
Opali (Arhat)
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Who was chosen to recite the Dhamma-Pitaka in the 1BC?
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Which were the accusations against Ananda? How did he justify?
1 Did not ask, what is most important teaching. J: Emotional because of health condition of Buddha 2 Stepping on Buddhas clothes J: Repairing 3 Unpurification of Buddhas dead body J:? 4: Did he try to keep the Buddha alive alap? J: Influence of Mara 5 Gautami as a nun J: Own decision of her
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Name of Buddhas early charriot? What happened with him and when?
Channa got expelled during First Buddhist Council.