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___ oz. or ___ oz. top sirloin steak is a lean cut of ____ with some ___ ______, seasoned with _____ ____ seasoning and served on to[ of ____ ______ with 2 sides

6, 8, beef, fat marbling, montreal steak, onion straws
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All steaks are seasoned with montreal steak seasoning ( a course blend of ____, ____, _____, and _____). All steaks can be ordered rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done

pepper, salt, garlic, spices
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the __ oz, ribeye steak is _____ and thoroughly _____. It is not served on top of onion straws. It is served with 2 sides. 

12, flavorful, marbled
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All steaks and ribs, except for the smoked baby back ribs, are served with a ____ ____ and ______. the smoked baby back ribs are given a ___ ____

steak knife, parsley, wet wipe
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The __ oz bone in ribeye is a _____ and thoroughly marbled _____ served on the ____, no onion straws, and 2 sides. 

20, flavorful, ribeye, bone
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The smoked baby back ribs are ____ ribs that are smoked __ _____ with our ___ ____ seasoning. It is _____ and finished with our homemade ____ _____ sauce. Served with two sides.

pork, in house, rib rub, grilled, honey bbq
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a half order of the smoked baby back ribs comes with __- __ bones, and the full rack comes with ___-___ bones

5, 7, 12, 14