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Name the realted Engine Modules

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When does an Airline need an AOC?

If an airline intents to operate in commercial air transport

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Draw the Organisation Chart and name the persons / functions required to get an AOC.

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After application with Form 44.20 for the above function holders (persons for AOC), on which Form the competent authority will give the approval?

Form 4

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List 5 continuing airworthiness relate documents which must be approbed by the competent Authority and which are needed to get an AOC.


  • CAME
  • Maintenance Program
  • Reliability Program
  • OM's
  • Contracts
  • Aircraft Log Sys
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List 5 Certificates which are handed out by the competent Authority after fulfilling all requirements (relevant for each singel Aircraft)

  • CofA
  • CofR
  • Noise Certificate
  • Operations Specification
  • ARC
  • Insurance certificates
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List the 5 main responsibilities of a Postholder Continuing Airworthiness to ensure sustainable conituing airworthiness of the fleet.

- Ensures that Maintenance performed iaw approved MP;
- Ensures that the EASA & FOCA Requirements are fulfilled;
- Ensures that Operation iaw MEL;
- Ensures that appropriate contracts are in place & fulfilled;
- Ensures that Trainings are performed accordingly.

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Write in full text the following acronyms:

  • ICAO:
  • ECAC:
  • EASA:
  • FAA:
  • DOT:
  • IASA:
  • IATA:
  • IOSA:
  • A4E:
  • FOCA:
  • CAA:
  • ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organisation
  • ECAC: European Civil Aviation conference
  • EASA: European aviation safety agency
  • FAA: Federal aviation administration
  • DOT: Department of Transportation
  • IASA: International Aviation Safety Assessment
  • IATA: International Air Transport Association
  • IOSA: IATA Operational Safety Audit
  • A4E: Airlines for Europe (former AEA)
  • FOCA: Federal Office of Civil Aviation
  • CAA: Civil Aviation Authorities