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An ESXi 5.x host is configured to access an iSCSI target using CHAP authentication.

What happens to the access if CHAP is disabled on the host?

Access is unaffected until the CHAP is disabled at the iSCSI target

Access is immediately removed

Access is unaffected until either the ESXi host or the iSCSI Array are restarted

Access is removed on the next rescan

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An administrator has a mixture of Intel-based ESXi 5.x hosts in a DRS cluster where the CPUs are compatible in every way except that some support the NX/XD feature and some do not.

Which two actions will minimize the effect of these differences? (Choose two.)

Mask the NX/XD bit in the Processor section of the Configuration tab on the ESXi hosts

Mask the NX/XD bit on every virtual machine in the cluster

Enable Enhanced VMotion Compatibility

Enable Rapid Virtualization Indexing

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Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting allows a virtual machine to listen to traffic other than that which is specifically destined for the given VM?

Traffic Shaping

Promiscuous Mode

MAC Address Changes

Forged Transmits

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An administrator is configuring a vSphere 5.x Standard Switch for load balancing. The physical network is configured for switch-assisted load balancing using EtherChannel.

Which load-balancing policy must be used to support this configuration?

Route based on source MAC hash

Route based on IP hash

Route based on the originating port ID

Route using Round-Robin

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What are the iSCSI discovery methods that are supported by ESXi 5.x hosts?

Static Targets, Dynamic Targets

Static Discovery, SendTargets

Static Discovery, FindTargets

Dynamic Discovery, FindTargets

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What is true about transparent memory page sharing?

It will not share more than 65% of a VMs memory.

It must be enabled on each host

It is enabled by default

It cannot be disabled.

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VMware Tools should be installed on which virtual machines?


All except Linux



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An administrator finds that an ESXi 5.x host cannot be managed by vCenter Server.

Which three logs can be reviewed using the DCUI? (Choose three.)

The ESXi shell logs

The HA agent logs

The management agent log

The vmkernel log

The VMware ESXi Observation log