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In a tension test to measure elasticity and strength of a material, the yield stress is

the stress reached at fracture

the stress at which a 0.2% permanent deformation is caused

the maximum stress reached during the test

the stress that causes maximum strain to the material

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Gust loads can be reduced by design if

the wing area is as large as possible

the aircraft is as light as possible

the wing span is as short as possible

the cruise altitude is as high as possible

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The shock absorbing efficiency of a spring type landing gear is typically





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In which conditions does a constant speed propeller have the max. efficiency?

during take-off, at low pitch angle

during take-off, at high pitch angle

in cruise, at low pitch angle

in cruise, at high pitch angle

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Across the stator of an axial compressor stage

absolute velocity increases

static pressure increases

temperature increases

total pressure increases

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In a turbofan, the total pressure at the fan outlet is approximately

the same as at the fan inlet

1.2-1.3 times higher than at the fan inlet

1.5-1.6 times higher than at the fan inlet

2-2.5 times higher than at the fan inlet

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In a combustion chamber, the total pressure

increases strongly

increases slightly

decreases slightly

decreases strongly

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Across a turbine stage (stator and rotor)

total pressure increases while temperature decreases

total pressure and temperature both increase

total pressure remains almost constant and temperature decreases

total pressure and temperature both decrease