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The exhaust nozzle of a civil turbofan engine is




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Across the rotor of an axial compressor stage

absolute velocity increases

total pressure increases

total pressure remains constant

absolute velocity remains constant

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In a civil turbofan engine, the fan thrust is approximately

20-30% of the total thrust

40-50% of the total thrust

50-60% of the total thrust

75-80% of the total thrust

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In the impeller of a centrifugal compressor,

air velocity decreases while pressure and temperature increase

air velocity, pressure and temperature increase

air velocity increases while pressure and temperature decrease

air velocity remains constant while pressure and temperature increase

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In a two-spool turbofan engine, the fan is usually driven

directly by the high pressure turbine

by the high pressure turbine, through a reduction gear

directly by the low pressure turbine

by the low pressure turbine through a reduction gear

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Across the rotor of a turbine

total pressure decreases

temperature increases

relative airspeed increases

absolute airspeed increases

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The CS-23 airworthiness regulations apply to

aerobatic aircraft

light utility aircraft


transport aircraft

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On some type of ejection seat the explosive cartridges must be replaced every two years. This maintenance concept is known as

hard time

reliability control

on condition

condition monitoring